p.s Sa adaugati semnul : imediat dupa codul emoticonului.

Image Code
Wink :Wink
Happy :Happy
Happy-Grin :Happy-Grin
Pleasure :Pleasure
Delicious :Delicious
Tounge-Out :Tounge-Out
Delighted :Delighted
Worry :Worry
Overjoy :Overjoy
Pondering :Pondering
Weary :Weary
Amazed :Amazed
Angry :Angry
Disapproval :Disapproval
Conceited :Conceited
Cry-Out :Cry-Out
I-see-stars :I-see-stars
Tears :Tears
Cry :Cry
Tired :Tired
Shout :Shout
Sick :Sick
Who-s-the-man :Who-s-the-man
Zzzzzz :Zzzzzz
I-m-in-love :I-m-in-love
Movie-Time :Movie-Time
Sad :Sad
Whistling :Whistling
Approve :Approve
Angel :Angel
The-Incredible-Hulk :The-Incredible-Hulk
Girl-Teasing :Girl-Teasing
Mad :Mad
Heart-Chocolate-Gift :Heart-Chocolate-Gift
All-I-See-is-Love :All-I-See-is-Love
Love-Gift :Love-Gift
Valentine-s-Day :Valentine-s-Day
Love-Letter :Love-Letter
i-heart-us :i-heart-us
Valentine-Kiss :Valentine-Kiss
Heartbeat :Heartbeat
Heart :Heart
Flowers-for-you :Flowers-for-you
Roses-are-red :Roses-are-red
Be-Mine :Be-Mine
Make-A-Birthday-Wish :Make-A-Birthday-Wish
Happy-Birthday :Happy-Birthday
Devil :Devil
Afraid :Afraid
Hi :Hi
Slam-Dunk :Slam-Dunk
Beer :Beer
Cool :Cool
Smile :Smile
Devilish :Devilish
Cheers :Cheers
Crazy :Crazy
Beaten-up :Beaten-up
Bully :Bully
Geek :Geek
Geek-Girl :Geek-Girl
Elvis :Elvis
Caveman :Caveman
Woodstock :Woodstock
Hairstylist :Hairstylist
Aerobics :Aerobics
Congratulations :Congratulations
I-Wish :I-Wish
Yes-Sir :Yes-Sir
I-got-an-idea :I-got-an-idea
I-m-Bored :I-m-Bored
Princess :Princess
Bye :Bye
Birthday-Boy :Birthday-Boy
Daze :Daze
New-Arrival--Baby-Boy :New-Arrival–Baby-Boy
Congratulations--Baby-Girl :Congratulations–Baby-Girl
Hello :Hello
Please :Please
You-re-HOT :You-re-HOT
In-pain :In-pain
Thinking :Thinking
Ssshh :Ssshh
Liar :Liar
Crazy-Tounge :Crazy-Tounge
Censored :Censored
Crying :Crying
Luigi Super Mario Bros :Luigi
Mario Super Mario Bros :Mario
Optimus Prime :Optimus-Prime
Megatron :Megatron
Police :Police
Felon :Felon
Green Lantern Smiley :Green-Lantern
Jack Sparrow :Jack-Sparrow
iPhone :iPhone
iPad :iPad
Doctor :Doctor
Sad&Lonely :Sad-Lonely
Crazy :Crazy-Mad
Be Happy :Be-Happy
Superman :Superman

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