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Weird but True: Strange and Unusual Tombstones

Gerardo Avallone 1873-1927
“Children of John & Jacobinn Dotterweich, who were all drowned at the same time, in the presence of their agonized parents, who were unable to save them, by braking the ice.”
Kim & Sal Giardino, “World’s Greatest Electrician”
Charles Salmon, “He grew, waxed strong and developed into a noble son and a loving brother. He came to his death by the hand of a careless drug clerk and two excited doctors at 12 o’clock at night in Kansas City.”
Julia Buccola Petta — Julia died while giving birth at the age of 29. Her mother kept dreaming that something was wrong. She persuaded the cemetery to exhume Julia’s body. The coffin was opened and it was discovered that the body had not decomposed
Paul G. Lind
“Murdered by human wolves”
Pyramid tomb — North Bergen, NJ
Raymond Tse — New Jersey
Russian grave
Singing Sam Stevens — New Jersey
Tulocay Cemetery — Napa, CA
Tulocay Cemetery — Napa, CA
“See You Soon”, Tulocay Cemetery — Napa, CA
“On vacation, hold mail”, Tulocay Cemetery — Napa, CA

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